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Friday, August 13, 2010

I totally forgot I blog here...

Wow...have I really not blogged since June? Well...I guess that makes many things have happened since then. It has been a whirlwind...all parts of life were humming and changing. But now...I'm getting ready to step away from it all. I'm going to get my camp on. I can feel all the stress melt away...I am going to the most perfect of all places...Camp Fantastic!!! Want to be a phatom camper?? Join us by taking a trip here... ;)

As I stand before a week of unknowns...I get goosebumps. So many amazing moments fill the space between when I get to Front Royal on Friday Night and leave 8 days later on Saturday. You never know ahead of time...but it all stays with you and grows. You don't ever forget a life altering conversation or a smiling face. It is what keeps you is fuel. It is a purpose. My purpose. Our purpose.

I could not help going back through a scrap book I created after my first year at Camp in 2002. So of course...I am going to share those memories here too. ;)

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Kelly said...

Have a blessed week Joy! I am so happy for you and all of the lives you will touch this week. :) Lots of love!! :)