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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Things I Do Not Want to Forget...(Part Two)

Have I really not blogged in over month? Yes...I guess that makes sense. My world has been a bit crazier than usual and at so many points during the day it feels as if a perfect storm is brewing. Sometimes I wonder if the storm is already here or if it has yet to hit. I guess you just need to live through it to see what happens. I always love a good thunderstorm...maybe I need to remember that.

My grandma is an endless of source of fun for us...serioulsy...she is 85...has a great sense of humor...and a positive attitude. I wanted to take a quick break and blog about some of the incredibly cute things she has said or done over the past week or so. There are times when I wish I took more time to jot down all the adorable things she says. Here are two of my current favorites -

1. "I've got it all...somewhere."

2. In a loud whisper to both my sister and I - "How do you like my doctor?" [Editor's Note - I'm sure you can guess what is next...because he is adorable.] She continues, "He is cute isn't he?" [Editor's Note - I should point out that he was right outside the door.] He leans his head in afterward to scold her for not drinking enough fluid. She hates to drink water. It is a struggle we always have with her. I guess I don't have to mention that she seems quite enthusastic now about drinking water and juice. Amazing how that works. ;)

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PinkyGiraffe said...

Your GMA makes me smile. Thank you for sharing!!