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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Two Days!!!

It is hard to believe that just two days stand before the NanoWrimo 08 experience. I can't wait. I am excited to have a list of characters fleshed out. I am excited that I know what each of them wants. I am nervous that I haven't yet worked out the list of scenes given the set of ideas that hit me on Sunday. My goal is to get that done tonight. Just a list...I don't even think I am going to worry about the order of them right now. If I have time...I may do that too. Then I am just going to chill on Friday and enjoy a fun evening without the voice in my mind saying..."You should be writing!!".

I can't wait for Lolly Friar to break out on the page. She is fantastic. She is uber-organized. She is addicted to Vera Bradley (tee hee...that is for my own fun). She is a loyal worker. She is a loving granddaughter. She is always worried about everyone else. She is a snazzy dresser. She is a fan of super-smart boys. She is kind of heart. She is a giddy girl. She is out to find a "real" job. And whatever you not...and I not...use the "S" word.

What is the "S" word? will have to wait and see. :)


MPB said...


Can't wait to find out :)

sisu twenty-twenty said...

wow, i was just thinking how i could totally see that last line on the book jacket...and then you sneezed. so i guess it will be done!