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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Essentials for NanoWrimo

In the book No Plot No Problem! by Chris Baty, he outlines the essential tools for NanoWrimo - -

1) A notebook
2)  A Magical Pen
3)  A Word-Processing Device
4)  A Reference Book
5)  Music
6)  A Writing Totem

After reviewing this list, I realized that I had all but the last.  I wonder if that has been why I haven't finished any of my draft novels.  All of these years I have been writing totemless.  What is a girl (who recently declared Chick Lit as her genre) to do?  Hmm...let us see.  I was trying to think of something girly and pink.  I wanted to have something that was frilly and unique.  I hoped to find something fancy...that could be used while writing and for other occasions as well.  An idea popped in my head...a scarf perhaps?  When one thinks of scarves...there is really only one kind to have.  So it was off to the web to search for Hermes.  My nervous nimble fingers found the coolest website I had ever seen and then I found my precious!!  My beautiful silk twilly....

As Katherine Hepburn said in one of my favorite movies (The Philadelphia Story), she was yar. 

What do you think?

Picture from the Hermes Website -

My grainy pictures....


sisu twenty-twenty said...

fabulous scarf! although, scarf doesn't seem fancy or classy enough a word to describe it.

Ello said...

OOooooooh! Oooooooooh! Very nice!

MPB said...

I love it! The colors are beautiful :) Hurray!

I have a little Batman figurine for one of my totems, and last year I had some "good luck" rocks, which I kept on my keyboard, too :)