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Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking Forward...

Sometimes you don't realize how much you need a re-charge until after you return from said re-charge.  I was out of the office for 13 days...and unlike this past summer...the work interruptions were not as bothersome.  I have been easing back into my regular routine, but in all honesty, my time away revealed that I need a new routine.  I'm trying to hold on to my 'vacation bliss' so that it lasts until the next one.  There is a definite theme building for 2014  The next trip will be in Ireland.  It is a lifelong dream finally coming true.  2013 was all about getting miles...working toward 13.1 and then toward 26.2.  In 2014, my plan is continue to get miles but in different places!!  I don't think I will do any half or full marathons...but I have registered for an Indoor Triathlon on March 23.  My training starts on Sunday (eight weeks - swim, bike, run).  I'm excited to shake things up a bit.  I miss my weekly training blog updates. I miss my training plans too.  I miss my Nike+ Sportband pictures.  It will be good to have something new to work towards and write about.  I know the training will help me to set a new is just the kick start I need.  Ready, Set, Go!!!

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